15 BEST NEW Roguelike/Roguelite Games To Play Right Now in 2023 (part 2)

15 BEST NEW Roguelike/Roguelite Games To Play Right Now in 2023 (part 2) hi Gamers after making the video about new rock light games I’m excited to tell you another edition of the best new Rook like games that have been released at, this time if you haven’t watched the part 1 well I will put Link in this description so without further Ado let’s get started, Miss layers is an engaging and competitive. Action game that takes a fresh look at The Rook like genre combat is fluid and responsive you can use a variety of attacks including basic attacks special attacks ultimate abilities and aerial variants, you can increase the combo scores while earning rage points to unleash the. Faceting ultimate attacks by switching between attacks with flee and dealing damage quickly the, game features 4 different classes to choose from each with their own strength and weaknesses allowing players to find a style that.

Suits their preferences stop dwarf’s Glory dead and loot is a captivating game that blends elements of classic RPGs Rook like and auto Battlers you can create your own Army of dwarfs and, lead them into epic battles against fario’s evil forces with over 60 items and Equipment options your dwarf can become a formidable fighting force, it’s a fun game of managing researches recruiting new dwarfs and using. The Auto Battle features to strategize and observe the weaknesses of your Fighters doomsday Hunters is a rock-like. Twin stick shooter game in the isometric aesthetic promising an action-packed experience filled with monster attacks and explosions combat in. Full trading rooms clearing areas confronting bosses and progressing troop biomes filled with diverse enemies the game extensive item selection. Includes relics weapons skills perks aliens artifacts consumables and both active and passive abilities. Mastering these various items and learning how they work together allows you to break the game in exciting ways foreign is an exciting such scrolling rock-like Adventure game that offers hours of, thrilling gameplay especially in co-op mode with variety of unique characters and countless items to discover you can create personalized build.

As you tackle challenging levels equipment upgrades, focus on health and damage making both fight talk at first but progressively easier with more powerful weapons the lack of story might be disappointing but for Pure action and challenging skill portal dungeon will satisfy. Foreign that offers a. Fresh immersive experience its strategy combat deck building mechanics and Japanese inspired setting the core gameplay Loop is fun power ups and weapons feel fair and the Sprite. Works is very Charming unlocking new characters attacks and skills at depths and replay value, to the Rock light progression system the ability to build a custom decks of skills and abilities gives the players the chance to personalize and create powerful combinations.

Even though the game is in Early Access the gameplay is still fresh interesting and full of exciting encounters foreign tactics it’s, a rock like Deck Builder and auto Butler game the game structure. Follows a similar pattern to the other deck builders game like slated spire and monsters train the in-game shop provide a welcome respite allowing you.

To purchase cards relics and Fighters or remove cards for gold the depth and variety of options available, ensure that it’s played through felt unique and njg considering that the game is currently in Early Access but still its addictive gameplay solid foundation, and promising future updates make it, the game worth exploring Tower tactics Liberation is a delightful Rock like Tower Defense and deck building. Elements that offers a refreshing and addictive gameplay the core gameplay revolves around strategically defending against wefts of enemies using a deck of 4, different cards the Tactical depth emerged when you strategically save mana and fuse Tower together to create more powerful, versions The Meta progression system adds replayability and a sense of accomplishment if you’re looking for relaxing game that still offers a challenge this game is a must try foreign, is an online MMO with editing turn-based tactical RPG. Combat and smooth gameplay Loop even in its Early Access the character customization screen was a pleasant surprise allowing you to customize the character to your liking its class starts with three. Main abilities and a passive players must plan.

Their moves manage abilities and movement also the game features cop gameplay allows our players to take turn at the, same time requiring tactical planning and coordination game right Divinity Chronicles Journey to the West is an enjoyable, experience for rock-like deck builder fans the team of companions with unique abilities and cards bring tactical variety to the battles the deck building aspect follow the standard formula but the ability permanently add cards, from enemies adds customization the game’s addictive nature extensive content and 60 Minute average strong Lane make it accessible for quick, sessions and longer play troops this early access title solves promise with its impressive features foreign is an auto, battle, game that combining elements of Diablo and deck building mechanics the game has a diverse card building system and satisfying skill chains the game offers a different range of classes and a unique, gameplay Loop where your goal is to create a better build than your previous successful.

Run it’s an intriguing concept that adds replayability and a sense of progression just remember to slightly weaken your build right before becoming the floor boss 30xx perfectly, captures the essence of the popular Mega Man.

X Series delivering a thrilling rock-like action in the platformer experience playing as Amina and S offers unique abilities with Nina soothing bullets and 8.

Slicing enemies within saber the fusion system allowing for 60 mutations at strategic depth to the combat randomly generated levels a.

Wide arrays of augments and cores keep the game fresh also njg if you’re a fan of Mega Man X.














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