Difference Between Rogue-like and Rogue-lite Game

Difference Between Rogue-like and Rogue-lite Game so what is the difference between a roguelike and a rogue light game so both of these are very popular with Indie Games but I’ll keep a very simplified explanation here there are more detailed uh interpretations.

And definitions of what a roguelike is in a roguelike game there’s Perma death hack and slash, fighting and basically when you die you have to start all over again so your next run will be completely.

New in roguelites what tends to happen is you carry over some of the things that you gained in your previous run so there’s more progression.

So if you unlock something maybe, some items that you collected some of it may remain in your next room now I’ve been playing some games recently and the examples I want to give is darkest dungeon for one darkest dungeon. Is.

A roguelike so when you start a new run nothing from the previous runs carries over you have to build your Hamlet from the, beginning get more people level develop everyone and just go into Dungeons and fight and if a character dies they’re dead and so on if you lose the game which is kind of.

Hard to do in darkest, dungeon but if you lose it that’s it all over game over you start again you start from zero then I’ve been, playing a game called um tainted Grill Conquest now tainted Grail Conquest is a rogue light you have multiple characters you do different.

Runs and you unlock certain things like expanding your village getting new villagers in your village and unlocking a few bosses, so if you defeat like the first two bosses in your first run in the third run those first. Two bosses are defeated you can continue and get on the third boss so you do start over.

Again but you do carry over a lot of things now certain items like Health portions and runes and things they don’t carry.

Over in your next run so you lose that but overall you’ll still have. Some of the progression from the previous runs so that’s the simplest way of explaining there are more detailed factors that make a game more rogue-like but generally roguelike is permadeth everything, is brand new start over from zero nothing carries over roguelite. You carry some progression how much that will depend on the game so sometimes it’s. Just abilities skills maybe some items sometimes yeah let’s say you have 5 thousand coins you die you might start with like thousand so they’ll not take away everything they’ll give you some so those are like the. Main differences Perma death versus getting some progression hopefully this was useful thank you, for watching see you next time.














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