2022 Tax Due Dates & Reminders

2022 Tax Due Dates & Reminders so this is my first webinar in 2022 such a brand new year so uh you know um this job i have at community cpa offers me a really, good view of the business landscape so coming through 2021 getting into 2022 and i know what you’re thinking if you’re a business owner, and you were like i hope we don’t.

Have another 2021 and with all of these labor um market turmoils labor market changes and only few people and on the labor market are set in stone, are very firm with what they have and the majority of the people are like leaves. Floating on the water they’re just going by the waves so wherever and that gets the most money and people becoming very short vision so no one have a commitment and it’s just a difficult, time to develop a team right but 2022 is different and, i hope 2022 offers us a way out of pandemic because we have been in there for two years two years is long enough for young people, to think that’s their lifetime and for eight years old not going to school for a, whole year that’s a lifetime and for someone 50 years old like me and that’s not lifetime, and i know that’s just two years and very short, years so i hope that and with historical data to support our assumption 2022 should be the way out of the pandemic so the. First sign of out of pandemic is not that more people are getting covered right more people are getting covered but more people are treating or experiencing covet like flu, flu-like symptom and it’s not going worse it’s not killing anybody it is just like you caught a flu right so hopefully the, mentality will shift business will remain open and the face mask i like face mask in the winter because make you feel. So warm right and when i was kid back in china in the winter we do face masks because, when we ride bicycles all of these sand flowing winter and just cold we all have face masks, it’s not for canora viruses for the wind and, for the cold so make your face feel warmer all right so today’s topic is, about tax due day it is a reflection of whether we’re going to be out of covet or not guess what we did not have any changes to, the next few days tax few days are coming back normal that is a good sign so right before i did this, webinar coming online i actually had a cat to go on to. Internet go on to irs website state website and to do the final checking who knows some governors or you know someone decided we are severely in covid so we have to change our tax due date, so i know such a thing. Um ladies and gentlemen so we are really good right so so uh before we talk about before we talk about tax due days i told you that duty didn’t change that’s, a sign of we’re coming out of pandemic and of course you. Can check our uh website check our youtube to know our video but let’s dive right into our content today of course no responsibility. Related to the content and don’t just uh sniff pick things and then apply to. Your life significantly make sure you consult with your tax preparers with your attorney and we do have attorneys in our firm and we um you know we have. A lot of loads of experience for you and you can always look, into us so now due dates individual due dates i know. You know that’s april 15th but i want to add some content for you right here and if you were going to do a mark to. Market election which is related to the day traders right and april 15 is your due date to do that election for year of 2022 did you hear. Me so april 15 2022 is the election for your, um day trader business market market election the last day is april 15th of 2022 so make, sure i have a lot of people i i would say a lot of people coming to ask oh you know i want to elect mark to market, for 2021 april 15 2022 is the due date no you are off by a year you cannot already know the result of 2021 and the two marked, american election is literally irs will deny you i don’t see any successful cases out there. And in the tax court someone was, able to defeat irs on this late election and what the court allow irs to do is the court. Will say that if irs lost tax revenue because you are doing this late election that could be the sole reason for. Irs to not allow you for that late election you see that so irs can take a position saying, that i’m losing my tax dollars if i give ying this election so i deny it so that’s their right to do that so make sure april. 15 is an important due date important due date for you purchase retirement product right to reduce your taxes if you bought six thousand dollar traditional ira and then, if your income is, under the threshold you will save about one thousand twenty dollar taxes right there so april 15 is for traditional ira at retirement. Benefit purchase and it is for your marketing market election and it is an important due date for you 1040. And.





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