A Protogen Plays Tribal Hunter (and other games) on Caffeine (LIVE)

A Protogen Plays Tribal Hunter (and other games) on Caffeine (LIVE) foreign foreign no my computer oh oh never mind it was frozen for a second but it’s fine now okay hi everybody it’s purple oh that’s what I don’t have open purple’s not, open get out here purple yes open open VC face, thank you I got my camera I just don’t have purple that that’s what I was missing okay, there we go here’s purple hi purple this is good purple you’re a good purple yes I yes you’ve allowed yes face tracking good yes move purple down hit the button okay. Fun okay purple’s working I think let me just blam oh hello purple yeah you’re perfect okay how professional of me hi everybody I have to play, this godforsaken game one last time poop, let’s let’s just go okay okay this game very fun okay also oh my God juvie Why is. The why is the alert box not going off box not going off I just had it working said it worked on the website no purple why aren’t you working nothing’s, working today okay why is, nothing working what do you mean video capture game capture audio capture alert alert box why didn’t you go wait did it go or did I have the volume turned down too much donate to see if.

You have TTS enabled I did it said it worked I tested it which is why the jar. Is full why is everything going wrong where’s the jar big stream of the day okay cool everything’s in order oh it’s. Forgot to take out got to you know put purple, here you know that that must be the only thing that was uh it’s wrong where do you where’s the jar it was working use the website said it worked [ __ ] well today. She got wasted a. Lot oh I’m sorry HIV can we get all the ovals in chat okay so oh there’s the jar what the [ __ ], happened maybe if I uh redo and undo the alert box just boop boop how do I. Test it wait no I could go to options there we go Advanced browser settings donation YouTube Super Chat yes default sound yes can I can I test it please can. I purple’s not can I test it please let’s see sound volume message template, layout sound blah blah donation oh wait I could just there we go yeah okay now it’s working for 95 dollars. There we go okay that wasn’t real that was a test obviously you guys heard that right I heard Texas speech yeah okay nice uh it’s working, now apparently that was weird I just turned it off and turned it back on again I wait why were you big wait, a minute why why were you big that I’m just gonna drink some milk. There’s my milk okay never mind yeah I. Don’t know what happened okay now that most things are working except for my own face I could say the intro a good old what five minutes said oh very fun five minutes in I’m doing the intro hi, guys. I have to play this game again hi Judy hi strange hi everybody ‘s here yeah oh slap the Sharks okay so I gotta play the game one last time and maybe just maybe I’ll never, have to touch this again until Chad demands it and I and I and I have no nothing better to do. Like nothing better to do there we go well then, I’m great at this game God damn it we’re there it goes yes I saw it okay yay. Why did it not work oh yeah that’s right okay uh out okay I know why the text speech did not work uh it’s for it was in the community post it was uh, oh geez, tracking fire so I can actually hit people is that a b oh yeah I remember the bees make you bigger for some reason hi guys just chilling out on the floor here. Also should I buy a night. Lord’s army once I have enough what’s your opinion purple my opinion is thank you very much for the five dollars Australian hey it also thanks Jimmy for that too I was just so panicked. Stuff wasn’t working I forgot to do that to anyways but yeah uh yes night Lords night Lords are a, good army chaos face breeds are playable now it’s great I have a few chaos space. Brands as that I got to start collecting back or split.











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