Do Violent Video Games Promote Violence? English Vocabulary Lesson

Do Violent Video Games Promote Violence? English Vocabulary Lesson hi guys this is matthew hope you’re doing great today i’m gonna talk about violent video games uh to see if violent video games promotes violence there are some people out. There who claim that violent video games can desensitize people some people to violence uh can you know people can numb themselves to violence so if. You are desensitized to something in this context of violence it means that you think that violence is. Okay you don’t find violence absurd or weird or disgusting i said wow that’s okay because you are.

Desensitized to that the same thing with when you numb yourself to something and just you don’t feel that thing in this context, violence you don’t think that violence is bad this is, what they claim and the reason behind that they say violent video games can have a lot, of blood and gore in them um and and that’s problematic imagine i don’t know like uh head exploding and a lot of violent activities and some you know video games violent video games so what i’m. Going to do i’m going to show. You a clip from fox news discussing the matter and we’ll be back and i’ll give you some dissenting opinions opposing. Opinions on that front and i’ll react to that so let’s watch and it less than a year ago the american psychological association made a definitive, statement there is a clear unequivocal link between violent video games violent behavior their blood pressure goes up their, heart rate goes up violent actions go up the data is. Persistent and clear across many different forms you cannot deny it it is overwhelming okay it was a short segment of, that clip if you want to watch the entire video clip i’ll put the link down below in the comment section so you can check it out for. Yourself what they are basically saying here in this video is video games are to blame whence people play violent video games what they say.

Is it is possible for them to desensitize themselves to violence they might be desensitized to violence it is possible for. Them to numb themselves to violence they steep themselves into it and uh they might be predisposed to that and, as a result of that it is also possible for some people to go out and do, a number on other people okay.

So you step yourself into something you think about it a lot um you put it into overdrive you go overboard with that thing you do that thing excessively if somebody is predisposed to something it means that person. Can be easily influenced by that thing and they say it’s. Problematic to do a number on other people it means to hurt other people okay i’m. Gonna make a cordial and amicable argument here to express my disagreement why i disagree with this argument first of all let’s talk about the elephant in the room which, people in power usually turn a blind eye to the elephant in the room means the problem. To turn a blind eye to something means to ignore it. Here i’m talking about the guns that’s the problem the elephant in the room authorities or so-called experts on that front. What they say and what they do is to scapegoat video games to scapegoat somebody in this context video games of something. It means to blame somebody for something that they haven’t done and this is what you’re doing um or there is another thing that is called the fallacy. Of passing the bug for example some people believe women are worse drivers than men and it’s a wrong belief it’s a fallacy, to pass the book means to shift the responsibility to somebody else something that you, are responsible for and you shift it to somebody else. So in this context the authorities and so-called experts um they always criticize and blame video games for for, the violence and of course it’s not true in this video they claim there is a correlation between violent video games and uh an actual violence and they have.

This unequivocal data on that front for that um a correlation means a link, if something is unequivocal it means leaving no doubt so they have this unequivocal data so data is accurate. This is what they believe of course is not true um why because there have, been numerous studies that indicate.

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