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Grad Student Reacts to Joan of Arc (Extra History) + Miley Cyrus vs Joan of Arc (ERB) so if y’all are ready i’m ready to get started with the joan of arc series from extra history i believe given the little bit of the narrator that i caught a second ago when i was pulling up the video. Uh that this is, a must be a slightly newer one because i know they the the like high pitch more cartoony narrator voice is like the old stuff and then the new stuff is like this deep voice narrator, guy so that’s, fun uh i i checking out the new stuff it’s just it still is similar in spirit but there is something very different. About it i i also like the refined visuals of the newer stuff i’ve found though that’s fun so what. Do i know about joan of arc uh earlier today i was talking about it trying to figure out like what do, i actually know about her i did a paper on joan of arc it wasn’t even that long ago right before i got into grad school and uh, i don’t remember anything about it oh i rushed that paper out so bad it’s one, of those things like you’re not gonna learn anything if you’re not trying to learn something i think that’s how i uh i think of my experience, with joan of arc i was not really trying to learn about joan of arc, therefore it was all in one ear and, out the other um i might be able to bring up some things but a lot of this is probably going to be new i know she starts from. Humble beginnings uh she’s fighting because of she’s hearing what she, thinks is the voice of god telling her to fight for this particular dude so she’s like there is kind of the uh i guess she’s one of those characters that’s turned into this, pseudo feminist icon but she is known for fighting for a guy so i i it’s one of those. Things that’s like kind of ironic but other than that i i don’t really know and there’s. This conversation about whether or not she was like this great military leader role or if she was like just being used as sort, of a mascot for the people around her. Who had their own military desires and she’s synonymous with uh being burnt at the stake so when you think of somebody being burnt at the stake i often go back to joan, of arc this first episode is called the mad king i believe there’s five so let’s get started july 1st excuse, the burden 92. charles vi is riding at the head of his. Army and the leper has been following them for a, half hour turn back noble king the leper shouts you are betrayed those words again and again as the minutes pass charles begins to sweat is he in danger this whole expedition is to punish a man who’d tried. To assassinate his best friend he eyes his courtiers he feels them watching him but when he looks they look.

Away huh it is so hot a page drowsy from the long ride drops a lance it clangs, when it hits the ground. Traitors charles shouts drawing his blade he rushes forward hacking at his retinue stunned and unwilling to drop, sorry uh uh niron was wondering if my map had the southern ocean i don’t think it does no this this map is not perfect it is not a perfect map uh it is. Definitely lacking some stuff um it’s, a bit hard learning about joan of arc without getting into the entire history of england and france yeah i i get that. Uh i’m just gonna simply do my best uh swords on their most christian king all the courtiers can do is wrestle him out of the saddle but by the time they, pin him to the ground five, men are dead charles stops struggling his eyes roll back in coma the courtiers exchange looks the king is in the grip of madness and soon france will follow him before the. Miracles began before the siege. Of orleans before the saints appeared to a peasant girl france was a country cursed by god and that began with king charles the beloved or as he became known charles the mad because that first psychotic episode would. Not be the last for the french king at times he was perfectly. Lucid able to rule as he used to but then he would slip failing to recognize friends and family not understanding that he was the king of france, instead insisting he was a paranoiac okay george or. Wearing thick clothes with iron bands sewn in because he thought he was made of glass and might shatter if touched and on occasion he would run wild through the, halls of his..

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