F1 Manager 22 REVIEW

F1 Manager 22 REVIEW hey everyone ben here with a very special video i’ve been lucky enough to get early access to the brand new f1 manager 22 title which means i’ve had a week of playing the game that puts you, in the shoes of christian horner toto wolff or gundersteiner, to guide a real life f1 team to glory i’m a simracer who grew up on grand prix manager 1 and 2 grand prix world and even ea’s f1 manager titles as. Well i love the pc version of motorsport manager so i’ve got loads of experience of. This genre and can hopefully, give you a decent steer on what the game is like and whether you’re likely to enjoy it and hey if you’re.

New to the channel have a look around at some of my other videos when you’re done with this one and consider subscribing if you like what you see f1 manager 22, is out very soon but before you hit buy here are the. Things i think you need to know based on my week of play time with the pre-day one patch version of, the game let’s get into it f1 manager 22 is to borrow a football cliche a game of two halves on the. One hand you’ve got the time between grand prix weekends which is all about strengthening. Your team managing resources and plotting a path to upgrading your facilities and cars to compete at the, very top you’ll need to make sure you’re developing your current car research technology for next season scouting, drivers and upgrading your team headquarters on the other hand you’ve got the race weekends themselves which are all about maximizing the, performance of the package you have today responding to the conditions on track and executing the best race strategy possible you.

Can absolutely play these out at full length or if you’re pressed for time and confident in your team you can speed the sessions up or simulate. Them entirely what’s for sure is that no two weekends are the same some circuits are harder on the tires, than others the specific characteristics of your car will lend themselves to certain tracks weather can change dynamically ai cars will crash and retire yellow flags and safety cars, will be called you can even see a race get red. Flagged and restarted picking your way through all of these variables and managing two separate.

Cars is a pleasingly intense experience oh and a huge shout out to the quality of the sound here music. Voice overs radio clips engine notes and atmospheric sounds all get a thumbs up from, me and speaking of a thumbs up if you’re enjoying the video and finding it helpful hitting the like button now will help, other people find it too overall these two elements go together well to form an enjoyable gameplay loop where investment of time and good decision making in.

One area can ultimately lead to more success in the other although generally very good on track the ai and race engine probably do need a few tweaks, i’ve seen some, drs trains form in slightly unrealistic ways cars can get regularly blocked in qualifying and make the odd poor decision as well in terms of getting quali laps in ahead of wet, weather and it’s a bit of a shame that there isn’t more.

The connection between the two areas of the game at times either in the form of press or social media readouts or more guidance from race debriefs that might inform future decisions. But overall the two core parts of f1 manager 22 are fun and engaging it all, feels very authentic and i’m looking forward to progressing my mclaren team up the.

Grid or getting sacked trying however there’s no getting away from it playing and mastering f1 manager 22 is a slow burn sure you can hop straight in and take, over from horner and benotto and.

Be fighting for the championship in season one but development in the game is structured around researching designing and manufacturing new parts for your car investing in and, upgrading facilities and scouting and developing new drivers all of these things take time and. Are long-term endeavors just as in the real-life sport the chances of going from the back of the, grid to the front in one season are very limited if not impossible of course chances, to be opportunistic do exist for example by taking advantage of a safety car or changing weather in a race but improving the underlying fundamentals of your team and cars takes time this is a title where satisfaction day-to-day, is to be found in the small winds the little signs of progress the thrill of when you sneak a, car into q3 at the very last minute or the buzz of dreaming up. Long-term plans like an engine switch from ferrari to mercedes for.






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