Final some signs making fun of wattpad

Final some signs making fun of wattpad oh as the popular girl walked away i slowly stood up in shock i thought about leo i couldn’t believe he would lie to me about something like. This i smooth out my dress and i turned to fly down the hallway she flying, again didn’t she just meet leo exactly why is she upset right like who’s she’s gonna randomly say oh i. Know we just met but i slept with my teacher also she smoothed out her dress really that dress about crinkly as hell, it’s gonna sound like no as i turned the corner i ran straight into leo there you are i’ve been looking for you wait what’s wrong i didn’t realize that tears were falling. From my diamond blowers slowly i began to, explain yo what’s her starter count looking at 283 big boss embarrassing i told him everything about the girl with fire red lipstick and what she said and everything she told.

Me with the teacher fire lipstick she a firebender she azula don’t do her dance we made this clear she’s, the dollar tree version of sheila blossom. I watched as he sighed quietly my teacher was my first girlfriend i bet she turned into the moon that’s rough buddy stop with the avatar literally you guys don’t, quit he then stepped closer to me but that was five days ago, i don’t want her anymore i want you really really pause five days ago oh my god he, stepped closer to me and told me that i was beautiful i shut my eyes in anticipation but right before he could kiss me yo leo. We got a problem what is it it’s him he’s here damn who’s here jackson’s here not the dinosaur pulling up let’s, head back to the front besides you get some water earth fire air long ago. Before nation guys stop the avatar references are not funny if i see one more they’re getting blocked and remember if you’re, making fun of yn you’re basically making fun of me because i based her off on myself oh my god why she’s, so mad for real like i’m sorry you, went to monster high and became a pterodactyl walmart fairy jail i walked towards the front of the house with leo at my side i noticed that there. Was anger in his stormy grey maroon orbs i smoothed out my dress and i did my best to keep, up with him yeah girl smooth out that bag of takis. Y’all dragon is dressed to hell as they should because what is that thing guys i didn’t know orbeez came out with a stormy gray maroon, color is that the limited edition orbs what are you a sorcerer didn’t know this was but go off i guess, leo turned to me and ordered no matter what do not leave my side got it got it, ordered ordered what ordered who not the t-wolf archie andrews want to be given orders right this. Ain’t no restaurant better go order somewhere else a group of leah’s friends weren’t too far behind us when we reached the front we saw him.

And his friends they were all dressed in black and wearing leather jackets the. Entire party fell silent as the two looked at each other jackson growled darkly leo jackson the tension i think they did it oh they definitely did it is he really growling again, bro call animal control at the official jurassic park ao did you lose your dinosaur not y’all bothering jurassic park leave, them below jackson then, looked at me his green arms darkening you shouldn’t be here you have to go leo then wrapped a protective arm around my waist she’s not going anywhere be careful where you’re making demands this isn’t your territory, cousin oh they’re cousins they definitely did not do it then well i mean the, way this thing is going they probably did for real it might be that kind of story all right i’ve had enough looking at. Him someone get him out of here i watched this one in leo’s friend step towards jackson you heard him time. To go with the mainstream strafe jackson picked him up and launched him across the room, he flew and flew across the air and then he crashed.

On the table where the food was no my cabbages yes that was, perfect oh my god how many avatar references is that now i don’t know somewhere between 15 and 20. we’re all gonna get. Blocked my jaw dropped as i realized what happened jackson threw this guy across the room he launched. Him like it was nothing launch what is this nasa why is bad boy dinosaur out here throwing people yeah. Justice for the table injustice for the food that poor food those poor cabbages oh my god he then turned. To leo his green arms darkening sending someone to fight your battles leo well you’ve always been pathetic like that leo scowled the only one here pathetic is you so take you and your friends. And go i don’t think i will leave now i said. I don’t think i will ayo why y’all yelling why is wyan in the middle of a lover’s quarrel they need to get a room guys, jackson and leo are cousins stop saying that they did it ma’am have you seen, the tension i mean leo already did it with his teachers, so sweet home alabama i guess i then spoke up how did you know that i was here girl this, is not about you nobody wants dress oh my god you’re not letting that dress go no i’m not letting that go no one told her to leave the house looking like a spicy sweet chili bag of, doritos exactly not. Her fault she looks like an off brand sophia the first that ain’t sophia the first that’s sophia the fourth oh ruthless holy i then spoke up how did you, know that i was here jackson turned to me and scoffed i told you that i was watching, you you need to listen to me right now you should not be here especially not with him because he.

Is a liar leo tipped his head back and howled with, laughter a.

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