Halls of Torment – 95% Positive Survivor-like

Halls of Torment – 95% Positive Survivor-like 95 positive reviews on Steam Halls of Torment is set to possibly be a vampire survivor’s killer this is a vampire survivor’s-esque, Survivor like what’s the genre do we have a genre name yet vampire survivors like walking simulator roguelike reverse bullet hell roguelite farming walking. Simulator I’ve been going with Survivor Survivor like not to be confused with survival games all right you.

Guys look Halls of Torment let’s jump into this thing I feel like being the Archer today I’ve got quite a few permanent upgrades unlocked already so don’t compare your. First experience to mine and this one I actually am going to aim there actually are buttons that I could turn on for. Auto aim so you could basically turn it into vampire survivors if you’d like we leveled up to get four choices let’s start, off with some base critical hit chance my total right, now for crit chance is 20 somebody described the skeleton dying noise as somebody dunking their hand into a bucket of Legos and I cannot get that. Out of my head crit. Damage bonus there we go maybe we just gonna have a crit build that seems pretty good for an, Archer for like dexterity build so kill enemies enemies drop experience orbs grab experience orbs level up let’s go long fingers experience or pickup, range there’s some stuff on the map like I just broke some barrels and they contain money there, are some more unique ones and some food items that can drop out of these there’s a Frasier that you can set a fire set Ablaze this, guy’s got a shield you think you’re better than me this game gets like really really really difficult oh what do I. Have right now plus 100 damage for a short amount of time and get some of this damage suckers crit hit chance and crit, damage bonus for my main weapon or attack speed, eight percent for everything or 20 attack speed for my Wayne weapon I’m gonna go up 20 for main weapons sounds, pretty serious next wave of enemies the blobs when certain moist noises Al walked into that one damage is pretty serious and healing pretty low oh stack him.












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