How To Instantly Get Approved For Business Credit Cards

How To Instantly Get Approved For Business Credit Cards here is going to be a straightforward no BS guide on how you can get instantly approved for business credit cards just. A little bit of background about myself by the time I had turned 22 years old I had been approved for over six different business credit cards with the. Top credit card issuers and in this video I’m going to share with you exactly what I did so to get started with this video let’s. Talk about a few major misconceptions about business credit cards and then after that I’m gonna go step by step into my. Computer I’m gonna walk you.

Through on how to get approved for these business credit cards on these applications because I know the application itself can be a little bit of intimidating compared to a personal credit card. Application there’s a lot more you got to worry about a.

Lot more questions that they ask you so I’m going to show you exactly how you can answer it all in the right way to make sure that you guys, do get successfully approved all right so first of all misconception number one, when it comes to business credit cards I don’t blame you if you guys have this because I had this misconception too. And it’s the fact that only large and established. Businesses are eligible so first of all anyone can apply for a business credit card this is not just reserved, for the ultra rich or businesses that have been around for many many years but the term business is applied very broadly within the states and the most popular example are people who might. Be self-employed whether you’re a dog walker on Rover whether you’re a content creator whether you’re selling and flipping different shoes, designer bags clothing whether you’re a babysitter whether you’re a tutor or you’re, an online Blog owner you’re a contractor if you do anything at all closely related to the fact that you’re, able to make income for yourself and you’re not working for another employer you are fully eligible, to apply for business credit cards and even get accepted the second misconception is this you do not need a. Legal business name with an EIN to qualify now although getting an EIN is a pretty simple process and I recommend. Everyone to do it your business does not need it you don’t need your own business address you don’t need a brick and mortar store your business also does not. Need to be profitable your business does not need to have employees and. Your business does not also need to fit into any one of the categories that’s listed on.

The credit card application look when I applied for my business credit card about five years ago I’ll tell you being a YouTuber was not. Under any of those categories of a business but I still got approved I was also quite young I also was, not making any money I think I made twenty thousand dollars or, less than that for that entire year and I had no real main source of income other than my part-time job working with kids who had disabilities and working with my dad, doing hardwood floors my income was so low that. I thought okay if I’m not gonna get approved for fitting in the category if I’m not going to get improved for having a real address because I work for my. Parents house at that. Time I wasn’t even renting an apartment why would they approve me well they ended up doing so the main reason is because credit card companies look at just two main things they look at your personal credit, score at. Most and they also want to verify if you are the owner of whatever said business that you are claiming those are the two major misconceptions and if any of that resonated with you.


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