I Hired 3 Different Tarot Readers to Predict My Future

I Hired 3 Different Tarot Readers to Predict My Future before the video gets started I just want to say that all revenue this month on my second Channel   Elena Bateman is going to, subscribers to help with their food and energy bills in light of   the cost of living crisis you can click the channel Link in the description. To find out   how you can apply for help or to just watch some videos and.

Generate more funds for those in need   tarot cards now despite the fact that most of us now associate tarot cards with fortune   telling or the occult they weren’t originally designed for this used. From at least the mid   15th century in Europe the tarot were a deck of playing cards used to play games. Such as Italian   tarrochini which despite what it sounds like is not a delicious form of pasta the adaptation of   the tarot to the occult and. Fortune telling first occurred in France in the late 18th century this   is where the idea that each, specific card has a specific meaning comes from the major, Arcana   refers to matters of spirituality and significant or important themes in the question is life whilst   the minor Arcana ones deal mainly with matters of business or career Ambitions cups with love.

Swords   with conflict and coins with money and in material Comfort traditionally the deck is shuffled by the   questioner and then the fortune, teller or tarot reader lays out a series of cards in what is   called a. Spread the cards can either be selected at random by the questioner or simply pulled off   the top of the deck by the reader the meaning of Any. Given card is altered depending on. Whether the   card is upside down its position in the spread and the meaning of the adjacent cards however there   are also intuitive tarot readers these are readers who instead of having a specific meaning. For each   card instead interpret the cards. Based off of communications with the spirits or through what   the cards seem to show them in these cases any given card can have a different meaning depending   on who the questioner is now I’m not particularly spiritual person, but I wouldn’t say I’m not not   spiritual if that. Makes any sense I’m fascinated by things that I don’t necessarily understand. Or   things that I haven’t experienced before and so I thought it would be a fun video to investigate   the tarot and to get my tower reading done by different types of, tarot readers I am going to   experience fortune telling now what do you just want to say that this video, is not being made as   a gotcha to prove that tarot reading isn’t real or the tarot readers are, faking it I think there   are two ways that you as a viewer can choose to interpret this video either you can choose   to believe in the. Fortunes told or you cannot and both are fine but in the case of the latter choose   to see, this instead as just a bit of entertainment I’m not in, the business of encouraging nasty   comments insulting other people or their beliefs so remember to keep it respectful in the comment   section speaking of.

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