If It Were Not Filmed No One Would Believe It

If It Were Not Filmed No One Would Believe It hello friends it’s me and today we’re checking out some tick tocks that if it weren’t filmed you probably wouldn’t believe. It we ran out of Chopsticks so my dad used my sister’s Barbie a Barbie oh her legs oh you know what, I think he’s on to something he must have been doing this for a while now because absolutely nobody at, this table is surprised it’s like the training wheels Chopsticks when you’re learning how to use chopsticks and they, got like a little band at the top just don’t eat the feet Oh I thought this was something else for a hot second he’s hiding inside his shirt oh okay that is another person. Inside that stomach I mean if. Pregnant woman can do it why can’t he do it he got the two for one special at the movie theater yeah release him once you. The round man a few minutes ago yeah I actually just gave birth in the elevator bro gave birth to a full-grown adult if somebody’s gonna put this much effort.

To see a movie for free they deserve to. See that movie for free the vet we just need to check his temperature it. Won’t be that traumatic for him that that traumatic you’re telling me shoving a thermometer up his little hamster hole is not traumatic for him I’m traumatized just watching that surely there is a, better way to take his temperature we got those.

Little heat guns right get this her Mouse died in this position grabbing the pole how does this even head yesified even in death he actually is a mouse you’re running.

Around in the fields you’re eating natural [ __ ] you’re having a good time, you die and then your legacy is being stuck in a clutch in Stephanie’s living room in a stripper pose that you didn’t ask for that Mouse never stripped. That do, me crazy though that the mouse would just die in that pose One Last Dance before I go out kind of lit though oh there is no way that two glass bottles upside. Down butt to butt a wrench and whatever that hunk of metal is is gonna support that don’t even try there’s no way right it simply.


Will not work glasses will collapse it will do it bro just rewrote the laws of physics this is wild he put everything at the perfect. Angle so it stays bro is physics what was that oh are you okay your pelvis still intact and she didn’t even know she. Could do that I’m gonna have to walk this, one off oh my legs are just watching that yeah what is that there’s a fridge wow whoa I would have thought this video was reversed but it’s not look it shares, a friend he’s just real quick it’s not a branch it’s like it was meant to be. The branch in me a true love story that dude big booty Billy races a Bugatti the. Man the myth the legend Jinx that jiggle like jello I used to I hear bro got a whole Bakery in his back. Pocket how he running around with that thing that was impressive hey pull up. Pull up little buddy come on oh no he can’t he can’t make it oh go go get why he ain’t pull up wimpy look it’s you he built just, like you do you hear her breathing y’all ever seen a dog with asthma she had her period on me nice that.

Was great do it again, there is no way you just flipped all those tenderloins yeah yeah you know when the intrusive thoughts win I bet I could flip all of these right. Now and you did that doesn’t happen very often when this math teacher asked a question that nobody could answer a student who arrived, 30 minutes late did this all all right we got a genius here okay. Okay you know what why don’t you get up here and teach the class the gorillas are going at it what do you mean where is the Zookeeper what do. You want, the Zookeeper to do as an actual zookeeper this is how I would have dealt with this situation pull the first gorilla back knee at the spine pick it up slam its head into the ground move into tackle.

Position tackle the next gorilla to the ground grab it by the back of. The head pull its face into your chest and suffocate it that will incapacitate the gorillas and stop the fight if you go to the, gym you should have no problem doing this, oh yeah I’m sorry that’s what a professional zookeeper would have done simple really these, things how did he get through the gate bro jumped through it perfectly just oh wait you infiltrated the enemy base and now you’re on the enemy side ain’t barking at his friends, idiot this will always amaze me how dogs can just without hesitation through the bars he’s there’s no way it’s, gonna Splash you right oh I was like no way yeah I’m standing at a far enough distance I’ll, be all right but look how far away I. Am from the water and that one was personal in the face can somebody please explain to me how she’s.






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