Is Crab Champions any good?

Is Crab Champions any good? i have been waiting for this game to comeout for three years and even though it isn’t out yet I saw on Twitter that it went intoa closed beta since I.

Didn’t get an invite I sent this tweet out to the game’s. Main pageto which the creator of the game replied bet I got a Discord DM from the dev.

Shortly afterand now here we are welcome to crab champions in this video I’m going to quickly explainhow the game got started what it’s like along with my first impressions and what it meansfor The Gaming Community as. A whole so put your claws together sit tight they come onthis tropical flavored, adventure with me to explore this up and coming Indie title foreign on April 1st 2018 EDM artist noisestorm dropped the, legendary track crab rave this track along with its Unreal Engine Devmusic video became an internet sensation overnight the dancing decapods became a beloved. Memeand served as the Inception of the creation of this game a year later on April 1st 2019noise storm announced, that he’d be. Creating the game crab Champions by himself with littleto no previous development experience what a giga crab I found out about the game shortlyafter and I’ve been waiting patiently for it to come. Out after three years of anticipationI finally got into the closed beta and let me tell you. It did not disappoint God I lovebeing crab and this is Tony and we love Tony this is the worst by, far the money so what is crab Champions by definitionyou could, say it’s a roguelike high Mobility a third person or rather third crabson shooterit’s a shooter starting off with your weapon of choice you were thrown into your firstisland as you defeat enemies in, complete challenges you gain the ability to unlock a plethoraof perks and weapon mods to help you progress right now.

There are three biomes and eachbiome you go through nine stages or Islands in order to beat it these islands could haveone of, six types of levels Rush ORD challenge the shop Elite battles or boss fights as youprogress you’ll.

Get keys that will let you unlock new items in the game after you clearall three biomes you’ll have the chance, to celebrate Victory or keep going on a possiblyendless run you can go to loan or you.

Can team up with friends to help you achieve sweetcrab flavored victory now the real question is is the game any good and a crab, shell yeshere’s what I’ve liked about the, game so far first up are the mechanics dashing slidingand jumping make this a high Mobility shooter which I am just a.

Sucker for I especiallylike the aiming down sides activates a sort of bullet time making you feel like a 10-leggedMax Payne the.

Game however does not hold your hand when I first went in I got, my butt kickedthe learning curve makes even experienced FPS players lean forward a bit that beingsaid there are easier modes so I like that the game is accessible but not necessarilya cakewalk, second up is the sound design as a successful EDM artist we all expected noystormto put his whole exoskeleton into the OST, and he did foreign there are some absolute bangers inhere he also made sure that the tracks would. Be copyright free so you, were free to streamthe game without getting flagged or struck down the gun sounds hit markers and enemynoises are all very satisfying truth be told the well-rounded audio engineering is definitelyicing on top, of this crab cake last up is replayability this game loves surprising youjust when you think you’ve got it all figured.

Out there will be a new weapon mod perk orchance totem that shows you that you haven’t, even pinched the surface of what you’re capableof there are infinite, variations of bills to try out and I think that’s pretty coolso the game is fun. Balanced and replayable right what does this mean for the industryas a whole to be honest it means other game developers should be taking notes for a closedebate at this, game is incredibly fun and stable remember that this is a passion projectmade by a musician by himself there have been, AAA titles with massive budgets launched thisyear with, more bugs than that dude from the Men in Black noise storm basically built amore stable game in a cave.

Using scraps in my opinion this shows that creating gamesbecause you love them is more important than pushing titles out for profit the gaming industryneeds to remember that and hopefully this serves, as a humble reminder of why we’re allhere to begin with.

That being said I want to thank all of you for watching this firstimpressions video there are plenty things to cover when it comes to crab Champions soif you like the video please, Scuttle on over. To the Subscribe button for me special thanksto noise storm for inviting me to the beta and shout out to everyone in the Discord channelfor showing your support I’ll link their official Twitter page below so.

You can follow alongfor more, updates so far so good beautiful gameplay beautiful soundtrack such an amazinggame for something that was dubbed just by one person it looks great it sounds greatit’s fun to play I can’t, wait to do more oh wait I almost forgot crab Champions is slatedfor an early access release on April, 1st 2023. I hope to see all of you there thanks, againfor watching and I will see you in the next one krabos foreign.

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