It Came From Tumblr

It Came From Tumblr okay okay who designed this sign why isn’t it in the center this is bugging me i feel like it was put in for four kids only i’m pretty sure it was just a rock wall calling characters, with an unknown last. Name the name of the thing they’re from like sounds undertale is very funny but i think it’s funnier when people do it with a, character whose last name is very much known for example jesus bible please naughty potatoes get placed in the nuclear merry-go-round for war crimes well let them out please the best analogy. For bisexuals i’ve ever heard werewolf i’m a werewolf person okay so when you’re in. Human form you’re human and then you’re in wolf form you’re, a wolf though no no i’m a werewolf human form werewolf wolf form werewolf o is a werewolf no matter the circumstance or appearance i.

Am always a werewolf fact bisexuals are also werewolves one time i dreamt there was a, limited amount of gender available in the world you can only obtain some by either have been given it or killing the. Person who already had it assassins were notorious for their large amount of genders and would double as traitors oh that explains why conservatives say they’re only two they’re hiding the rest, do you know what pisses me off a lot of things where do i start be so completely yourself. That everyone else feels safe to be themselves too i can’t think of much that i aspire to be, more than this mowing through an entire box of. Pocky feeling like a pencil sharpener being fed whole pencils by a third grader oh yeah that’s the stuff [ __ ] or not you’re. All slut-shaming a guy that’s dead show some respect this was a post about, julius caesar dm says so you realize it’s a giant rattlesnake bigger than our fighter me a medusa with snakes for hair i rule to befriend it oh oh no okay okay what’s your, charisma plus five let’s go rolls in that 20. well everyone add 12, points to your xp christ is averted you now have a giant snake for a friend that is the. Best outcome hey where’s everything blue could you perhaps elaborate no everything’s blue i see no need for don’t elaboration up writing, prompt faye gained power over someone by having their name the most powerful of fae wouldn’t be kings, or queens but coffee shop baristas wait wait hold on did i did i miss a glorious opportunity with maurice game freak game freak look at me are you telling, me that every pokemon canonically has a, scientific name and you refused to tell us what it is for every single pokemon except god damn oddish and how the hell. Does it walk around nearly a thousand feet at night with two roots as many steps your, vibes my lord um check them for me quarter jester oh no my rib cage split open revealing a grotesque vertical maul slavering and bleeding with uneven rows of jacket and splinted ribs, for teeth and promise tomorrow rules of fashion one do you think it’s pretty. Two wear it.

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