Latest update: Sketchfab assets

Latest update: Sketchfab assets in today’s video we’re going to talk about sketch crab inside clean motion 2032 preview my name is catalina megan designer and i see you next so welcome to another video from garden design, tools in today’s video it’s all dedicated to sketchfab one of the latest updates from the twin motion 2022.2 preview.

So if you haven’t update your twin motion, version please do and what you’ll find is in your library like it happens with the quixo mega scan library inside the twin motion library default. Library of materials of 3d objects that you have available inside twinmotion you have now a sketchfab library so. This is a library inside the library so like it works exactly like works with pixel megascan nothing is downloaded already in the. Default library so you need to pick and choose because there is i don’t know hundreds of models i’m, not sure of the number but there are a lot of them a, lot of them very game related um so it always is a little bit a little bit like quick some mega scan.

But it is all very uh gaming kind of environment and cartoons and things like this characters um a lot of mental, audience things like that okay so you need to go and search it’s going to take a little bit you have divided by categories but we’ll go there in a bit. Um but it’s really helpful that nothing is downloaded so it’s not really heavy on your. Software why on your workflow uh you just download the ones you really, want to use okay uh just a quick a quick side note now environment is the sky, domes so remember the sky domes you have skies you have now like indoor environments i will do a video about this not really related if you work with the outdoors but anyway just a quick side, note and this, is studio so um it basically works i haven’t tried it on yet so but it basically works like, creating a domain environment in in the setting that you choose okay so let’s go a bit and explore sketchfab so sketchfab library is divided in, these categories animals and pets architecture art and abstract cars and vehicles characters and creatures cultural heritage history electronics and gadgets fashion and style food and drink furniture and. Home some good outdoor furniture that i i’ve seen here music i’m not sure. How this would work um yeah just instruments for a second i thought it was actual music um but anyway nature implants. That’s the one that we’re gonna see and using politics people places and travel science and technology so really interesting and random. Stuff as well uh not. Sure um sometimes how you’re going to use this okay but we’re going to explore a little bit places in travel science and technology sports in phoenix. And fitness and weapons and military so every time you come in here and you wanna you wanna see so this is the ones you’ve i’ve downloaded and they appear first okay, just a quick side note so as you can see you have really weird stuff random stuff some, characters i’m not sure why they are in nature in plants um things like this so i, think this is really cool uh but i you. Know for me um quixote mega scan library is definitely better every time you like one don’t forget to add a little heart because it’s easier you can just come here after.

In the category and you see. The ones you’ve added a heart so it’s really easy to to to see the ones you actually think they are usable for you um because i i suggest, that every time you have a free a bit of free time come here and explore a little bit, uh the way i will do it is actually i’m going to show you.

Next is actually go and see first in the sketch uh and sketchfab website i think it’s easier to actually search for what you’re looking for and then with that name of that model specific, model you come here and you search for it okay because, there is no use to actually adding because a lot of things. They are not with the actual names of the plants or they are just with generic names so you’re really not going to see a lot of specific species of plants like you would like if you’re, a garden designer or a landscaper but you actually have really cool little details like, patches of grass really really nice so i’m just gonna go and search for something uh. Just to show you how you download it so this uh tropical plant okay let’s just go and download and you. Can see here is downloading down then you drag and drop it’s going to create the object okay another little thing and not like the quixote mega scan but these. Ones these sketchfab models a lot of them they are out of scale when once you download them. In inside tween motion so don’t forget you need. To come here to the scale and you just you know estimate the scale of the plant.

They are in general good quality plants um don’t forget that you have here the scene map so you can um you can just. Scale the plant so they are in general uh good quality models okay don’t forget that sketchfab works a little. Bit as a marketplace so people actually do models and sell them in that platform so as you can see here i have put you can put a. Little heart or not okay um and yeah now you, have that model every time you want it okay so you have really weird stuff and if you want to explore uh what i what i suggested you, want a bit more detail before you actually download it to your to your. Pc you can open the models in a sketch let’s do this one just by curiosity so it opens in sketchfab website the model. So you can actually explore here and it’s a really cool platform a lot of ar.

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