Mechabellum took my kids and foreclosed my home

Mechabellum took my kids and foreclosed my home today’s video is brought to you by factor factor is in my opinion the most excellent and best tasting meal service plan out there many of you know that in addition to this current Channel I also have a second Channel. A twitch stream I am on. Adeptice ridiculous and I am taking over dice check with fellow buddy dimecki I don’t have. A lot of time for lots of other things cooking especially and factor out of all the meal services out there I think does the, best job at combining proper macros good tasting food and easy accessibility in the background you can see me heating up two different kinds of factor meals for myself they’re both excellently. Flavorful.

Meet my macros well and they heat up in an incredibly short period of time only about two minutes the funny thing is Factor sent me six meals for this video and I already ate four, of them before filming this ad because I think they. Taste really good and it worked really well with my schedule it’s hard to to give a more. Glowing review than I ate them too quickly I didn’t have time to film them it’s also so, lovely they have so many different kinds of choices high protein and option low calorie and option they even have a brand new gourmet meal service as well so if you simply want. To save a lot of time and, meet your goals for Fitness whether that be bulking cutting or just maintaining really well I think Factor has an option for you and.

I would highly recommend you going on in the description click the link to and use code bricky 50 for 50 off your first order again. That’s the description Factor 75 code Berkey 50 for 50 off your first order thank you, so much factor for sponsoring this video and let’s talk about big Mech hello everybody, my name is bricky currently watching my heart sync as one Squad of Mustangs eliminates my. Entire Air Force if you’re curious about the shirt by the way I’ll let you know more about it at the end of the video for the most part I skipped the auto battler craze I, didn’t play doda’s Auto chess I didn’t play TFT and I hadn’t touched any game that could be technically considered as an auto battler, but I did play a game that had a custom game you could. Call an auto battler Starcraft 2. in particular wings of Liberty had a custom map and mode called direct, strike oh Lord forgiveness upon my soul did I play an. Insane amount of direct strike it was one of the main games I played after finishing a closing Dairy Queen shift. And showering off the the caked on grease and cream from my face and shorts oh yeah when I worked at Dairy Queen uh we didn’t have to do the, flip thing it was like optional and I never did those of you, who work at a Dairy Queen right now how in the world do you make a Banana Split Blizzard and it not all come out I have to know your, secret because I could never get that to work for goddamn ingredients now I won’t lie I didn’t really know what. Auto chess or Auto Battlers really were hey you told, me that they were like direct strike when they came out I actually probably would have. Played it but the the neurons in my brain just weren’t firing properly and didn’t put two and two together and too much Dairy, Queen grease for those who don’t know Auto Battlers or Auto chess to. Name same thing it’s a form of strategy game that relies heavily on strategic thinking and counter play and by heavily I mean entirely a real-time strategy game centers a lot of its, initial learning curve on like mechanical skill your actions per minute your unit micro your speed with production and, hotkeys all that stuff some games put a lot of emphasis. On this like Starcraft for example and some put a little less like Command and Conquer don’t get me wrong they’re all micro intensive but you know it varies Auto. Battlers don’t have any form of mechanical skill whatsoever the map is blank with deployment zones for both players units are deployed. In areas and locations on your side and then slowly Advance towards the enemy at, well I guess various speeds and Directions They then will fight each other without any input from you. As a player and what enemies they target what directions they go, it’s all up to predetermined paths and how the AI is directed the skill of the game comes entirely from how you place your units choose, your units and upgrade your army and that is where macabellum has taken over my life not. Just my life actually but the life of my family and friends people don’t talk to me anymore I’m not invited to, parties they invite a blank cardboard cutout of me with Mecca bellum’s box art taped to the face my family wrote. Me out of the will and machiavellum into it I had a dog but he ran away after I upgraded him with mechanical rage and, replaced his fangs with the game’s equivalent mechabellum took my kids and foreclosed my home I can’t stop playing I just can’t we are getting two extremely, addicting strategy games one after the other the, beauty that this game has is that it’s such a simple concept yet it has me creaming my Jorts, with the level of strategy every time you think you’re getting a handle on the game it gives you a brand.

New way to get good at it so to illustrate my examples you you need to understand how the game. Works like I said before you place units in a deployment Zone that consists of Two Towers at the. Start you select one of four Specialists to pick from and each specialist has a different starting Health starting units and ability the. Health you will get is tied to the especialist you choose but the units you start with are mostly random for, example you might start with speed specialist where your whole Army, gets plus three movement speed start with something like 3 900 health or so and get steel balls and Fangs for your initial units now when you have a unit you got this round you, can move them to wherever you want them to be perhaps steel ball in the middle fangs in the back, how about some spooky tunneling crawlers in the front or Mustangs. On the side so long as it’s the same round you can.


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