Omega Strikers Game Modes!

Omega Strikers Game Modes! welcome Strikers to my game modes I’d like to see in Omega Striker’s video These are game modes that I’d love to see as a permanent part of the game outside of quick play normals and. Comp because it may help bring more players to the game it would, also make for great cooldown games after a 10th day of rank I think that these should be a permanent addition and not just. One that comes with a new event first up I’d love love love to see some hot potato in this mode the, goals would be sealed and six characters are dropped into the match all on a team of their own a bomb will appear over the head, of a random Striker and start counting down from 20. when it. Hits zero it will explode eliminating that player the player’s objective is to hit.

Another player with an ability which will pass the bomb onto them after the bomb blows someone up it will randomly appear on another Striker imagine the different strats that could come from this, picking mobile. Characters to dodge away picking X so you can pass it on with strikes picking small characters like Luna to be harder to hit freaking characters like Drakkar.

So you can invis away from the enemy or stealth up to, them and pass the bomb onto them last second I think it’d be a blast all right A variation of this game is that the core could now.

Hit a character and that’s how you get the bomb to get hit onto you but I can imagine the coding nightmare. That would be or maybe it’s not so bad I’m not a coder so two variations one where you use abilities to pass on the, bomb or one where you have to use the core to pass on the bomb, next up we have a VIP mode I think this. Would be awesome with the most recent event we can see that they can make big Maps no problem so they could make a map big enough for, a 3v3v3v3 that’s right 12 players four teams each team has one person randomly selected as the VIP main goal, keep the VIP alive if your VIP dies so does everyone on your team if you aren’t the VIP.

And you’re knocked out you will come back after 10 seconds last VIP.

Uh oh yuck last VIP standing gets first place best of three rounds would probably be best but if the games drag on really long it could just. Be a one-time one-time thing I’d be fine with the base game rules as VIP but traditionally in other games the VIP. Either has a set amount of Buffs or Nerfs so either they are slightly faster or hit harder or they are slower and weaker I. Think having them. Hit harder would be fun make them take risks of their own Knockouts but also risk being knocked out themselves I.

Think that’d be great a game mode that I think would be a huge favorite for a long time would be super Omega mode in this mode there are little to no cooldowns that’s right you just Spam spam. Spam away get that core into the opposing goal for this mode all Strikers.

Would have double health for obvious reasons and the mode itself would. Play out like quick play super random items the items provide two times their normal effect stuff like that big fish on the menu everyone’s gonna be a giant missile prop now there’s, no safe spots on the entire court league has a, similar game and it’s called Earth mode and it stands for Ultra rapid fire it’s a landslide favor in that Community I think in Omega Strikers it has. An amazing place and honestly if they didn’t want to do, no cooldowns or like very little cooldowns they could have Super Omega mode be that the longer that the time progresses then the shorter your cooldowns are until some scores just. In case it gets a little too. Ridiculous traditionally an ultra rapid fire like modes your alt still has like a somewhat decent cooldown because obviously if dubu could just alt constantly, every five seconds all he would do is litter the stage in alts so that’s like a 10 second.

Thing or a 15 second thing enough that it can be crazy and you could pick a character for their, all but not so much that it’s just oh this character only alts they.

Win game though it would be pretty fun another mode I think would be fun would be brawl taking inspiration from games like Super Smash Bros or battle right I think a PVP Focus, mode would be really fun first team to 10 Knockouts wins imagine, the kind of stages they could make for this game type they could put tons of Hazards all over the place a bunch. Of speed traps a bunch of speed UPS they, could do a lot of black holes just all just things everywhere for this mode I feel like to make it balanced they might have to adjust some strikers for this specific mode maybe casters would have. Slightly shorter cooldowns or they’d have to adjust values here or. There I’m not sure but some form of brawling mode would be fun it could be possible that off of brawl there would be like branching game, types so you could have like free-for-all or teams of two.

So a 2v2v2 or something like that I think it could be really good and if they’re having a problem where people aren’t getting knocked out they could have a, battle royale like system, where a circle closes in and you take a lot of damage in that Circle or whatnot there’s ways to force people to fight lastly we have an idea so unique and original that I. Honestly need a spot on the team for this one they really need to hire me because this idea is just big, brain Dodge core a joke but Omega Striker’s version of dodgeball would be super cool Strikers would be able to use.

Abilities strikes and flips on the core still but if it hits your avatar you’re out of, there again like I said earlier having the core. Hit you might be hard to manage but again I’m not a coder so I’m not sure if the core hits you it hits you with a.

Power slam that instantly staggers you and does 9999.

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