PS Plus September 2023 Games that are leaving :/

PS Plus September 2023 Games that are leaving :/ pS plus September 2023's games that are going to be leaving us what is going on ladies and gentlemen monkey flop here and today I'm going to be going over games that are going to be leaving PlayStation Plus in, September of 2023. of course we haven't heard anything about the, PlayStation Plus free games that are going to be offered up today we're going. To be going over at the extra and the premium that are leaving which is honestly pretty crazy because there's some AAA titles in here I'm also going to, share with you guys my opinions on PlayStation Plus if you guys agree PlayStation Plus has kind of been lacking, but I'll get into that and so much more about what's going on with PlayStation Plus uh later on in the video. So make sure you guys stay tuned so let's go ahead and go over the games that are going to be leaving.

Us by the way I'm in PlayStation Plus right now I'm under Collections and if you scroll all. The way down in collections you should be. Able to find this too it might be in a different spot than yours but these are, the games that are going to be leaving us in September so you don't have long to be able to play these games, if you haven't had a chance yet and you have extra uh Playstation Plus x-ray definitely recommend it so starting off we get death Loop which is PlayStation 5 title, we got a colorful tail we got Ghost Recon that's what I'm talking about look we we already have. Three AAA games that are just gonna be cleaned off a PlayStation Plus wiped away um for extra for the month of September which is crazy um. Actually Four because I mean can you. Can consider death Loop a triple a title can you can you really I don't know uh but death Loop is one Ghost Recon is another.

Big one that a lot of people are going to be upset about Watch.

Dogs Watch Dogs 2 um these are pretty much all of the games that are going to be leaving in September of course we're probably going to get more that's usually how it goes. Uh Playstation Plus is kind of now like Netflix and all the other streaming services where they offer you uh, something for a limited time and then take it away and that's pretty much how it's going with PlayStation. Plus um I want to, pass a question off to you this is something that I've been curious about for a long time how much of your PlayStation Plus do you actually use how much of the benefits, do you actually use do you download and play the free games that are offered a beach and every month are you, just paying for, online um do you pay for Essentials do you pay for extra or do you pay for premium and out of those three, categories Essentials extra and premium what whether you're whatever subscription you're subscribed to what benefits are you actually using out of those um are you getting your.

Money's worth let me know in those comments down below because sometimes I feel like man like a month goes by and I don't. Play any games that were offered up for free um I'm, playing a free to play games that don't require PlayStation Plus um and there's been months like that where I. Literally don't use my PlayStation Plus benefits at all and I honestly feel like is this a waste of money because I'm, not really using it all that often don't get me wrong though I do use PlayStation Plus quite a bit there's a lot of games um that are offered, up for free if we just go into the latest uh there's a lot uh dreams which, by the way is free for Essentials fantastic. Game my kids have been playing it they absolutely love it especially all the Spider-Man stuff they absolutely love dreams um. But there's a lot of games that are available uh just with extra I mean you. Don't even have to subscribe to premium because premium you're gonna get like the old school games couple of uh you know couple of better games but, that's pretty much it extra is where it's at as far as like where most of the. Games are um there's a lot of games that are offered up and there's a lot of games that that you can play um but the essentials each and every month we, always I honestly get scared, to make a video for you guys because uh of the hate that comes with PlayStation Plus and I know you guys aren't hating, on me but like you know random people that find my video I have to remind everybody like. I'm not the one that chooses the PlayStation Plus instant game collection I'm just simply bringing you guys the news so leaving a like for me helps out tremendously commenting down below, and letting play Sony and Playstation know your thoughts and opinions uh because they do watch these videos I have to. Remind people of that just because PlayStation Plus has been so bad looking back PlayStation 3. PlayStation Plus was like the bar was set so high there was a, so many good games and then when PlayStation 4 came out PlayStation 4 was the. PlayStation 3 was pretty much top of the ceiling PlayStation 4 came out and it's like right here PlayStation 5 came out and it was like now they've, progressively gotten better and better and better but I feel like sometimes um you know. PlayStation Plus is getting better I feel like they take two steps back and then one step forward and then two steps back and then one, step forward and then all of a sudden we'll have a really amazing month and it'll go back to where it was um, that's just my opinion uh but of course as soon as PlayStation Plus a September's games, get announced or leaked I will definitely let you guys know I kind. Of wanted to do this video to let you guys know of the games that are going to be leaving.

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