Public Service Loan Forgiveness for Physicians

Public Service Loan Forgiveness for Physicians today’s topic public service loan forgiveness for positions and everything else you need to know about student loans in 2020. here’s the kicker there. Is a lot of stuff pending right now in 2023 so as I record this video currently late April of 2023 here is all the big news we have pending first. When did student loan payments restart current guidance is it would be June and then, a 60-day wait would mean first payments actually start in August is there, ten thousand or twenty thousand dollars of forgiveness still petting news from the Supreme Court there’s a sofa lawsuit that’s right Sofi has sued the federal. Government and then on top of all that we have a new payment plan called new repaid so revised pays your which we give the acronym repay or e-p-a-y-e which, looks pretty appealing it probably becomes the more popular student loan payment plan, or what we call an IDR income driven repayment plan so what we’re going, to do is work through a lot of those details we’ll walk through the updates but we’re also going to walk through a lot of, Big Ticket items that just pertain to student loans in general so this one will have a lot of important information and it’s likely a video that’s, going to have to, get Reba quickly rather soon anyway so stay tuned that’s all coming up next foreign first up let’s just talk about loan types sometimes you just need to get, to the foundational items when you get into loan, so first up is just types of loads most commonly you’re going to see Federal loads right today the most common Federal Loan is what we, call a direct loan direct loads can be subsidized or unsubsidized if you scroll down below we have, a blog post in there which also gives you the details to that there’s also some of the Perkins loads Perkins loads, have not been issued since 2018 so they’re not common going forward but many individuals today that have loans, could have a Perkins loan on there then you also have parent loads and you have. Grad Plus Loans which are essentially on The Graduate side of those the big takeaway here especially in terms of, Public service loan forgiveness is back in the day there would also be something besides a direct loan there was something called a sell loan a federal family education loan the important takeaway here is but for those. Payments did not qualify for Public service loan forgiveness however with new student loan. Rules if you consolidate the shows to a new direct consolidation loan they will not. Only be eligible now they will be eligible for psln you can also get those past payments to count this has been a really important, one this initially was that Halloween deadline in 2022 and now it’s currently in May that’ll likely get extended even further I think already might, be to 12 31 but I think they’re going to make this more permanent come July is still waiting for final guidance, on that but keep, in mind just on the types of loans if you see a fell loan take advantage of your chance now to get a not only Consolidated but also make sure all those payments come over as. Well and if you’re thinking how do I know if I have a private. Loan versus Federal Loan go to the website called I. Believe it is it’s also in that blog post the link is below but it should. but this is where you can actually get your student loan file you can see all the details in there check out your nslds file that’ll show you the difference and if you. Have a private loan private loans are a little bit more.

Straightforward because you took that out from a private institution the big way we say with private modes is just understand the promissory, note understand the actual rules inside of that note what happens if. You can’t make payments what happens if you become disabled what happens if you have a premature debt so first section here is just types of loans understanding, the difference between Federal and private that was I think pretty straightforward and keep in mind if, you ever do a.

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