Someone Made This For Me

Someone Made This For Me i’m duating with myself on Friday night funkin never thought that would ever happen but here we are hello it’s been a while since uh Friday night, funkin has probably been on your uh sub feed but here we are welcome back to Friday night funkin took a little bit different it’s looking a bit blocky that’s right and. Someone who’s made not just like. A Minecraft theme mod but a mod for me it’s like a whole Friday night funkin story songs visuals for, DanTDM for me which I find in itself crazy so um thank you two ever made this the name is that one. Gaming dude and their entire team this from what I’ve seen from the videos looks insane so without further. Ado let’s hit enter to begin and you guys know me I’m terrible at Friday night funkin I haven’t even, completed week seven on hard mode maybe I’ll do that at some point check this out they’ve even changed like the menu, as well to add the old lab in there which is kind of crazy let’s just go ahead and do story mode, right away and see what happens tracks big scene Tomodachi and press stop, now I know there is a um there is actually more more tracks than that but let’s do the story for now and see what happens I’m. Excited for this week oh there they are meet me they made an intro as well that’s insane that kind of. Brought back some Nostalgia you know with the uh the intro that was crazy, whoa what just happened there’s story beep can you not talk he’s asking who you are well um I’m Dan from, the Diamondback card beefy booty Ryan beep up I thought I had the portal set for Ryan’s place oh, wait you mean like 8-bit Ryan right because I I’ve watched some of his Friday Night funking videos the dude is insane at the game I’m still here like confused about how many fingers I.

, Have oh where he is like bashing out the arrows like crazy so I’m sorry you don’t have Ryan you got me instead. I must have miscalculated the latitude and longitude why latitude and longitude that’s kind of complicated it’s a long story anyway there’s really no way, to go back now gotta wait for the portal to cool down your portal has a. Cooldown period yeah that’s strange actually every single time we use it sucks doesn’t it yes big Bobby skit, is Skitty Boop babe this guy seems kind of busy I really don’t think skibity Boop ah you’re always so persistent, he wants to rap about you sir since it looks like we’re gonna be here a while I mean, I’m not one to turn down a rap battle challenge so let’s do it well I can’t seem to find Trayaurus at the moment and, I can’t really start without him where is he what’s he off doing skippity pop yeah what did you have planned I was going to take the. Team on an awesome vacation I have airline tickets, and everything it’s just like deep lore from like the vacation video series that I did. I like that that’s a nice touch oof that’s rough when is the plane due to take off oh it is going to be a couple of days no need to worry oh that’s, a relief you know what little buddy I can rap battle you while I have the time beep Devo yeah let’s.

See what you’ve got oh God we’re going straight into it yo look like they picked, slate with the arrows as well let’s see what Bob’s they’ve got look at the microphones they’re massive what and I’m huge as well these. Other guy who’s tiny I guess he is Tiny. In the actual game though right okay this sounds like the build up to the no no no no no no no no no, no yeah yeah yeah it sounds like it oh man I’m Rusty oh no I didn’t hold it, I missed one and I boited that perfectly I love the little animations and stuff it actually looks, really good I can do these give me the long notes they give you more score pushes uh the other. Guy backwards way more which is exactly what I need I feel like it’s letting me in Easy right now. Which is fine with me yes oh we got the duet going on as well let’s go I’m doing with myself on. Friday night funkin never thought that would ever happen but here we are I’ve only missed one still I don’.

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