STARFIELD – Ships 101 (Everything We Know)

STARFIELD – Ships 101 (Everything We Know) hello explorers and welcome back to the channel today we’re going to be continuing our Starfield 101 series to get you up to speed with everything we know about the game broken down, into specific topics we’ve already covered combat outposts and the Galaxy in this series so if you missed those, then be sure to check out my Starfield 101 playlist I’ll leave a link in the description and, the pinned comment but today we are covering what I think is going to be the largest topic of this series today we’re talking about ships now ironically this topic didn’t., Get as much air time as others during the Starfield direct presentation and in follow-up interviews with developers but the information, that they did share was jam-packed with important details even individual screenshots had tons of information on them for us to learn more about how the game would work so let’s get cranking because we’ve, got a lot to cover let’s. Start at the beginning with the ship that you will inherit at the start of the game the first ship that you’ll have in Starfield is the frontier it’s pretty vanilla it. Has room for two on board. And has a very limited jump distance which means you won’t be able to jump to far away systems until you start making some upgrades, but where do you get those upgrades well for that you’re gonna have to visit a Spaceport spaceports can be, found in many places across the Galaxy including the main thoroughfares and each has a space technician Manning it speaking with the space technician reveals a lot of dialogue options including paying for repairs, for your ship looking at ships to purchase from their inventory selling ships that you’ve collected and inquiring about. Where to. Find crewmates to hire the basic gist is that this is the place for you to buy sell and modify ships ships come in many different shapes and sizes when looking at. A ship you’ll notice a number of stats with, different values you’ll see that each ship has their own fuel capacity Hall Integrity or hit points essentially cargo capacity Shield hit points potential jump distance, in light years and how many crewmates it can host picking the right ship for you means understanding what you. Need your ship to do it’s like the old saying horses for courses different ships are equipped to fulfill different roles a small agile fighter might be best, suited for hunting down bounties but.

Can’t support a big crew a freighter might be great for long missions and Expeditions where you may have to haul a lot of loot back Freighters would also be good for smuggling Contraband or stolen items if. That’s how you want to make extra cash but, ships are also fully customizable and components can be moved around swapped out added and more ship parts include but are not limited to your cockpit. Which can come in many shapes and sizes I’ve seen some large and impressive. Cockpits you’ve got the bay which includes your ramp for boarding and exiting you have the have which is your main living slash working space where crewmates can sit your cargo hold, for storing things you find in your Journeys your landing gears the reactor which is your power source. Your engines which Propel you your grav Drive which affects space, jump distances fuel tanks your Docker which attaches your ship to space stations or other ships for boarding weapon.

Systems your Shield generator and cowling which changes the shape and silhouette of your ship and helps to cool the engine if it operates the way, cowling Works in real life that’s a lot of different parts which means that’s a lot of customizing you can do.

To your ship but let’s focus in on weapon systems for a, moment there are a lot of different weapon types for your ship and they all serve unique purposes you’ve got energy weapons that.

Are strong against enemy Shields other weapons are good at damaging the hull of the enemy ship you’ve got some that, Target other systems on the enemy vessel you’ve got missiles. Lasers Auto cannons disrupting Electric Tron beams and more what you choose to use depends on what you’re trying to do in the moment whether it’s completely destroying the enemy ship or maybe your goal, is to just disable it and we’ll talk more about space combat. In a minute but first let’s talk about customization you can literally customize everything on your ship you can paint different parts of the ship to get the look, that you’re after you can customize the shape and silhouette of the ship you can swap out. Components and put them in different places it’s almost like the Hearthstone DLC in Skyrim, with the homes that you could build you know each section of the house could be expanded and you could pick what you wanted to go. Where uh you know did you want an Alchemy Tower or a trophy room here or a bedroom there, a kitchen over here an Armory instead it’s kind of like that but with a ship and then your.

House doesn’t just sit there on a hill. You can get in it and fly it around the Galaxy another thing that was briefly mentioned in the Starfield direct presentation was that there are different manufacturers of ships in the galaxy and that means that you’ll, likely be able to tell who built the ship just. By looking at it as each manufacturer will have their own design schemes and motifs for interior Aesthetics think of it like Borderlands, a seasoned Vault Hunter can tell just by looking at a weapon if it was made by Mally one. Jacobs Hyperion or cobbled together with junked Parts by the bandits and held in place with zip ties.

The ships in Starfield will also have telltale signs to let you know who, made them some of the models that we’ve seen that they’ve shown were reminiscent of you know stealth Jets some looked more army Heavy Artillery inspired and some looked more like subnautica vessels I’ll be interested.


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