The Art of Scoring

The Art of Scoring hooker working on trey jones gets jones up squares boxing over the defense and a great pump pick right here lots of patience on 28 made field goals hooker kept his. Left foot down twice gets it to go he’s more gets hit with a technical foul yeah, they’re going to tee up bayes did he right first oh yeah i think there’s, no question he trapped right working on the rookie mitchell four on the clock booker on the drive baseline fade can. Not defend this any better davion slides with him doesn’t give him a lot of space but there’s a little bit of a sign turn fires from.

Deep slow to close out first ball leading the break booker on the drive and says and then offensively off. Of the good deal he used to really love the second game of it back to back because you just, wanted to get to it booker bank city bridges here’s booker given space found the wing and very. Diving to the hoop in a switch he’s being covered by cunningham, booker going one on one against stewart pulls back winds it up and slow evolving play and they isolate book against dialogue, rises up over the top and among the starters who has missed significant time look well those type of. Shots you’re gonna have to make those and devin bridges booker battling underneath devin booker doing some dirty work what’s the mentality of.

A surrendering team oh what a shot let’s take. A look at the spectacular move spinning and then the beautiful underhand lake long rebound right back to a hook inside challenged by the jump hook booker miserable shooting first, half gets his first of the seconds but it creates better shots booker those long strides big deficit booker slaps it down a steal, up ahead reverse jam knock him out and then go get the rebound miquel basically flat-footed. About a two-second differential between the shot clock in the game clock step back three in the waiver book bridges misses from the corner.

But booker still looking for his first basket blows by the baseline and gets it yes, yeah you know stefan and seth nice tough drive bridges off the mark sons control the rebound hooker’s going to try one bucket just picking it. Up booker racing the floor look a little dribble hesitation gets levert up time, out of here in a moment , good hands defensively the suns register their eighth steal booker peeking the other direction look full of three on the. What edwards has done a nice job on hooker all night long and he was draped all over him. Gives it up to booker with three to shoot booker has to put it off oh and booker beats the lost that was friday in a game. Against boston both season opening gets across the paints and long defender barton on him book puts, it on the deck fades back on the baseline return after 15 game sideline d3 on the waiver book the nba just kind of leaves you laughing and scratching your. Head his book brought to contact sound tonight 12-21 booker baseline, but mike is a little bit more fiery and he gets on him looking for your shots you’ve, got to pick up the scraps and do that well and that’s exactly what he does and he finds landing particularly since coming back from health and safety protocol as brooker fun. In the gym and booker is one fourth in the league taking charges booker has all the sons right now booker stops. This time on a dime and they get a purple, open on the offensive class booker he did last year later, in the season enough to sell it jumbo gets off his feet that’s good finish there from jacob, booker six assists four rebounds and four match up against royce o’neal booker a very proficient hooker being guarded by trent forrest booker from deep knox booker working against jordan clarkson got him up in the.

Air booker calls for it they’re loading up on them left-handed shot it down for you here’s booker against o’neill now pascal picks. Him up on. The switch a contested three low game hooker slams on the brakes backs up the versatility the variety of what it looks like throughout the course of.

Different organizations it’s for everybody to space.

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