TOP 15 STUNNING Upcoming PIXEL ART Games 2022 & Beyond | PS5, XSX, PS4, XB1, PC, Switch

TOP 15 STUNNING Upcoming PIXEL ART Games 2022 & Beyond | PS5, XSX, PS4, XB1, PC, Switch only then after the echoes of the crowd’s applause have faded into silence can music begin anew got to keep moving well first and foremost so we could actually get this one.

Rolling pixelated milk will technically the fine folks behind the much-awaited game sacrifier. Well a 90’s inspired role-playing game from years ago did just come out and announce a delayed release window of 2023 and said this game’s now, headed to basically every single platform in addition to pcs and to accompany this news they want to release a new trailer just in case you’re wondering. This game is still live through kickstarter take a look feel sales power like.

A bird trapped in a cage we want to fly away but. Our wings are slashed into pieces and we’re left in this cold darkness is this the life you choose coming up behind that and technically it’s. Been quite a while since we’ve had any updates it is the one and only there is no light. I saw the scribed dark mode action adventure games in some sort of an underworld in. A metroidvania style where exploring actually does play a pretty natural key here on the other hand in, terms of overall experience this game somewhat close to dark souls but with the dash of hyper light drift added to the mix check it out this one’s coming out around september this. Year the path you took is paved with danger and hardship but at the end of this road there is no, light at number three so far my own favorite of the past few. Years pixel art game we have cf stars a retro inspired role-playing game from developers of the messenger, that’s actually been cooking for the past five years this game is pretty much if you couldn’t tell in the same vein and formula as. The old chrono trigger and the closest thing to it too. Reason being it is being even soundtracked by the same team cf stars we know releases into. Pcs and consoles in addition to switch around march next year check it out my initially revealed around the same time last year actually up next we have something, in case you missed going. By the name replace well literally the most advanced looking pixel art or just metroidvania game in the making considering any other game at the moment.

Even cf stars a microsoft exclusive that’s pretty much in the same vein as the much much awaited game the last night technically.

What is described as a cinematic action adventure game check it out this one set to. Be released early to mid next year at number five and well technically after all the rumors by humble games from earlier this year we have a, pretty brand new platform and game called moon scars what the fine folks of the company actually describe to be, a souls like to the slasher and one with a non-linear plot in a, very difficult dark fantasy world frankly i don’t really know much about this, one right now here’s the trailer this game is also said to be coming to pcs and switch sometime later this year the strongest feeling of.

All but what would happen if someone tried to take this feeling away from you what would you. Do for the one you love the most all right up next and i’ve actually mentioned this one maybe once before so there’s a good chance, you might have actually missed out on it we have sons of valhalla a side-scrolling base building strategy game that throws you all the. Way back into the viking era and technically into the, role of a viking yarl sons of valhalla is actually sitting on steam now through a demo the game. Is actually pretty darn difficult but rewarding and as you’ve suspected the summed up regular clone of the other game called kingdom check. It out this one’s coming to pcs only sometime later this year all right moving on at number seven we have river city girls two basically now headed to.

The nintendo switch in pcs other consoles as well around summer this, year the fine focus behind this one wafer would actually announce this news in addition to another, trailer and the premise of an all-new adventure with everything people loved from the first game way forward is back with the sequel to the acclaimed beat-em-up river city girls there’s.

Trouble brewing once again in river city with higher.

Stakes meaner streets and even more over-the-top humor take control of one of six characters including returning powerhouses kiyoko and masako each character has their. Own fighting style and upgradeable movesets which you’ll need as you set off on a new quest picking up where the first game left off and. When we say new we mean. It new moves enemies areas items and a new soundtrack by the first games composer megan mcduffie not to mention. Branching paths as well as a return of a familiar foe get the fist flying solo or team up with a friend locally or online at. Number eight y’all we have the one and only retro inspired action. Adventure 16-bit gym hunt the knight well first of all what was described by developers as a game that if you like bloodborne and dark souls style of gameplay in addition to. The graphic style of a classic. Zelda might be exactly what you’d be looking for hunter knight winnow is on his way to the pcs and consoles 2 switch included into out possibly november this year a, systemic dark fantasy metroidvania role-playing game where you’re a young witchcrafter striving to, control his power of four elements and technically on a journey to find a mythical fifth one to save his father that was ladies.

And gentlemen pretty much what reads the description for a new game called witchcrafter empire lands as you, can see a metroidvania platformer at heart that is, said to be coming out by the end of 2022 for pcs only moving on we have loot river technically an island shift thing action rogueliking, what was described by developers and a microsoft exclusive pretty much available since, early may this year now loot river for those of you new is basically trying to be both dark souls and roguelike mostly souls, like though hence the annoying difficulty nonetheless though the game is pretty fantastic if you’re a fan of roguelites it’s fun addictive it’.

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