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UI testing hello everyone in today’s video we are going to cover testing of web forms what is actually a web form web form is an html form on a web page that is used as a way of communication. Between the user, and the application what user does user submits some data and that data is sent to the server for further processing when we click on submit there are multiple types of web forms, for example login forms registration forms contact as forums survey forms etc we are going to try to cover as many. Things as possible that should be checked when talking about testing web forms uh we’re gonna use two live web applications, sephora and one more so what should be checked first let’s try to open. One we’re gonna use here a web form for creating an account on this site, so of course one of the first things you should see are all labels on their appropriate places and are they fully.


Understandable and readable invisible so there’s no doubt that in this field i have to put. In my first name my last name my email address my password which should be from 6 to 12 characters which is odd in, some kind of way because users aren’t usually restricted to choose up to some amount some some number of characters it’s it. Is usually suggested to be uh more complicated complexed combination of characters uppercase. Lowercase uh numbers and and so on but here it’s it’s kind of weird so you have to pick up to 12 characters max but at least user is completely aware what is uh the password that he. Can create so he, will be able to successfully join on this website to create an account then the phone number here it says enter your birthday to receive a free gift every year okay so here it is. Perfectly clear why am i giving my birthday here and for what purpose and, here i have month the day a year is not important so that’s why it’s not in. Here and there is a zip code and of course there he explains there they explained to the user why do they need the zip code but in case, you want to hear something about the store events near you and. You have this kind of check box and a button join now and all kinds of links so we have gone through this uh form and which is. Now uh nowadays it’s popular to put the forms inside of this. Uh instead of this like pop-ups uh models exactly exactly uh so you’re gonna. See here everything is in model over model it’s not like on the on the separate page but it’s it’s inside of, the model so when it’s inside of a model you have to check. Like is this scrollable can i see each part of this model if it’s larger if it doesn’t really if the whole this, dimension is not fitting in the into the size of the screen that’s one more thing when we’re talking about this uh web forms that are inside of model, and not inside of the page of course if it was inside of, the page you would also have to see if it’s a larger if it doesn’t fit on. One page is it scrollable but that’s another story so what have we learned here we said okay first check the labels are they readable, so of course is it written correctly is some missing letter or something.






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