What’s the worst game art style?

What’s the worst game art style? hey you hey you have you ever wondered what the best art style for a specific game is maybe you’re an indie game developer who’s looking for an art style that will fit their, game or maybe you’re in love with Mario Striker’s art style and are very upset with how interesting, Pokemon scarlet and violet looks and in reality alert is objective but that’s not gonna stop me from taking a look. At a bunch of art styles from your favorite video games and chugging them. In a Fearless in order to figure out which art style works for the most video game types but first I want to talk about what, it means for a game to have a fitting art style an example of a. Fairing art style is undertale many people dunk on undertale for its quote-unquote ugly art style but I’m here to say that undertale would not work. With a different art style the snappy post to post art style as comedic value take a look at this scene in undertale , foreign do you seriously think it would still work if instead of.

Spinning like this they spawn like this another more obvious example is cuphead cuphead’s difficult to run and go on gameplay, style is heavily complemented by its R style the crude style and. Expressions of the rubber hose art style fits perfectly with the hard frustrating stupid idiot game or Celeste which takes advantage of its pixely art style since the game, is mainly about Pixel Perfect jumps and whatever this is so in conclusion A Game’s art style isn’t just some Polish you put on top of the, finished game it directly affects gameplay on how your players view your creation but anyways now it’s. Time to take a look at the three main art. Styles that all games usually use I’ll be judging them on how time consuming they are to make how many different types of games they will fit into and overall how, unique they are starting, off with foreign ah the Classic this art style was originally used because of limited cartridge space and low resolution consoles we all know it we all love it especially, in the game developers who apparently think it’s the only art style that exists ever and look, I get it it’s efficient you can get things done really fast without as much, effort as it would take you to model rig texture and import a character if you were doing it 3D and, it really can look really amazing if you do it right but I just see so.

Much missing potential for video games that could have benefited from a more unique art style but instead of, opted for Pixlr and I’m obviously not gonna name any names binding of Isa anyways I really do like.

Pixel art but I just wish it wasn’t so overused I give it 5 out of 10 Pinot bugs well it’s probably the least time consuming out of the three art styles and it probably will fit.

Into a lot of games it just won’t, stand out in the sea of other pixel art games alright on to this one’s probably tied with, 3D almost time consuming for different reasons when you hand draw every individual frame of an animation obviously it’s gonna be time consuming but except for, 2D animation Rigs and twinning but I’m not counting that asantron that’s a whole other thing anyways this is probably the art, style that will fit into the most games that are 2D and it does that while being prey unique but, because of how time consuming it is to make I can’t give it anything higher than 7 out of 10 Pinot, box meaning we’re on two while this is.



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