Wildcat Gun Machine Review After 100%

Wildcat Gun Machine Review After 100% wildcat gun machine is a bullet hell dungeon crawler by chunky box games where you take on hordes of disgusting flesh beasts using a wide variety of guns giant mechanical robots.

And of course cute kittens hello viewers it’s that dude dansom here with a mega short review for wildcat gun machine i played the game i beat the game, and i have some really honest things to.

Say stick around till the end for my no holds barred verdict oh and give a high five to the publisher for. The game key that was a real swell thing to do as mentioned in my intro wildcat, gun machine is a bullet held dungeon crawler where you use one stick to move and another stick to aim all while holding down the fire trigger, the entire time as you progress through each level you’ll find colored keys, skulls and other artifacts that allow you to progress further into the level fighting a couple mini bosses along the way with a.

Big chunky final boss at the end at its core this is a fun game if a bit formulaic each gun is mostly engaging and unique to use with a. Pretty strong variety of enemies to rain down hell on, you by regular bullet hell standards though i found this one to be pretty easy as i was able to beat it within a single sitting of about 5, hours making the 15 price tag a little steep there also isn’t really any replay value, for this game so it’ll be a one and. Done experience more than likely for you additionally there aren’t any unique mechanics to the game you have a dash that. You can upgrade base speed that you can upgrade and long cooldown ultimate ability that lets you clear a room but nothing that exists only within.

This game making it a hard sell overall to recommend from a gameplay perspective to improve the package overall i’d suggest adding in some collectible lore extra difficulties and maybe, even some randomized roguelike elements as it stands currently though it’s just a little flat as the, gameplay is a mixed bag the presentation is as well, the best part of the game is the enemy design which are incredible across the board each new battle.

Arena welcomes you with a new grotesque monstrosity to destroy with the bosses being the cream of the crop in terms of design the same can’t.

Be said about the rest of the game though the main character is generic as can be with no audible voice lines. The environments are boring as hell and the sound design is truthfully terrible i don’t usually complain about sound design, but i found this to be especially grating on the ears from the explosive bursts to the, torture chamber worthy soundtrack this is a game you’d probably be better off muting, so that’s that i know you came into this review expecting an honest take but maybe not such a brutal, one like i said this game is very fun at its very basic core but it just. Kind of sucks in too many other ways for me to recommend this as a purchase i didn’t mention this in my review but i will say the, game functions properly so if you’re looking for a quick bug-free bullet, hell then this might be for you but i’d still recommend waiting for a game pass add or deep discount. Anyway i hope this review was helpful for you be sure to like the video for me putting in the effort to play this so you don’t have to you. Should also subscribe so you can get notified whenever i have a new review go live anyway take it easy everyone last night, .


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